Augmentech Solutions is a technology service provider that offers a wide range of services. These services were strategically chosen based on customer needs. Not only we provide services but we meet the budget of customers that need it. With our team of professionals with over 10 years experience in all the categories of services provided, we intend to take customer service to another level raising the bar. We are here to develop a relationship with our customers and ensure they have the care and support they need or require. 


Our Vision stem from our passion for technology and it’s integration in our daily living. We want to provide a service that will benefit our customers needs, security and even provide solutions to make their productive tasks easier where possible.


We don’t want to be a vendor or solutions provider that bombards a customer with products and services that they don’t need, we are here to change that, to seek the best interest of our customers and to work with them before and after service.